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First Look: Colombia is famous for three things: coffee, women, and drugs. Now, the last part is a topic that law-abiding citizens like us aren’t too interested in, so we’ll leave that sordid business to Pablo Escobar. As for the other two, most people know that Colombia is the finest producer of roasted beans in [...]

Simple Steps for First Date Sex

So you’ve got a girl’s number and you’re planning for your first date. Then, a thought hits you. Is it possible to get her to go home with you on the first date? It is! Here are some tips. Prep Work Some people think the first date is the first time you meet the girl. [...]

Non-verbal Signals to Express Attraction

sexy blonde Russian girl

Talk is cheap, as they say. Actions speak louder than words. All the cliché phrases that refer to a person’s ability to touch others emotionally tell you one thing non-verbal signals can make people respond more to you than any phrase or sentence. If you’re keen on seducing your next date, here are some tips [...]

Success Rates Of Mail Order Marriages

Here is yet another article about mail order bride success rates. We are not sure where they received there facts so bear in mind these numbers are not documented here. However, it is true that there are thousands of men in the US that met their mates in foreign countries. Not all marriages turn out [...]

Is Interracial Dating For You?

Here is a little article on the topic of interracial dating and specifically the the title is about dating Asian women although the text is more general. Since our site is all about interracial singles dating we will pass this along for your reading. Looks like he is also giving away a free Ebook although [...]

The Top Eight Reasons Why American Men are Looking for Foreign Women

Beautiful Brunette Asian Lady Posing in a Purple Dress

An exodus is happening in the west nowadays, and it’s one that doesn’t involve parting the Red Sea: many white men are either leaving their country of origin in order to meet and marry a foreigner, or they get out of their way to form a relationship with an immigrant who recently arrived on their [...]

Is Your Date in the Mood for Sex

Finding out if your date is in the mood can take some guessing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are signals of sexual attraction that crop up when your current environment is conducive to romance. You just have to be keen enough to recognize these signals. Laughter and Banter Dating involves making [...]

Being Comfortable with Your Sexual Personality in Three Steps

Think back to the moments when you’ve felt un-sexy and even ugly. Those are the times when you wished you were someone else. You’ve seen other people flirt and make out with total strangers at the drop of a hat and wondered how they could do it so easily. Those times of extreme insecurity are [...]

What Nationality Has the Sexiest Men and Women?

Colombian Pop Star Shakira

In keeping with our international dating theme for we came across an article about the sexiest nationalities in the world. As we tried to stress on this website the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding your soulmate. If you have a worldview you know that there are available and very beautiful women [...]

Expressing Your Desires Verbally

Being able to express your wants and needs can be a liberating experience. However, many people still have trouble when it comes to self-expression, especially when it comes to making love. Here are some tips to help you become more eloquent in expressing your desires. Let Go of Your Inhibitions There are several things that [...]

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