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How to Start a Date That Leads to A Passionate Climax

Sex doesn’t happen accidentally during a date, no matter how many guys say they didn’t see it coming and the girl was just too hot, etcetera, etcetera. A series of events might have happened from the beginning of the date up to the point of sex. Sometimes, careful planning and proper logistics can improve your [...]

How To Talk Sexy To A Man Over Chat

talking sexy over chat.

In dating, one of the biggest mistakes that women make is thinking that the moves must only come from men. The man shows interest, the woman responds. This line of thinking is even more pronounced during chat or instant messaging. Sometimes, women take the easy way out and claim to be shy, just so they [...]

Keys to Successful Long Distance Dating

Indicate That You’re Taken If you met your special someone in a dating site, you’re allowed to keep your account there, especially if you’ve consumed only a few month’s worth of membership when you’ve paid a year’s worth. You can take advantage of the features, including video calls with your date. But, make sure you [...]

7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Latina Women in America

By Raquel Reichard June 02, 2014 Once Latinos became the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S., contrasting characterizations of Latinas became popular myths. Just as with other identity groups, these myths are more often than not perpetuated by the media, helped along by heavy-handed, stereotypical or just plain inaccurate depictions spread widely through television [...]

Three tips on having a successful first date over coffee.

eye contact over coffee

If you’re like other people, you probably did not think too much about the first meeting with an online date, or a blind date that a common friend set up. Thus, whenever you want to get the first meet up over with, it will always be over something safe like coffee. So, it all starts [...]

The Art of First Date Seduction

First dates can be a horror story if you don’t do your homework. If you’re reading this article, you may be working on one particular aspect of first dates that’s particularly tricky: seduction. Seducing your date could mean the difference between being just friends and being steaming hot lovers in the future. Some daters never [...]

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