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Amolatina is a dating website where men have the all the tools at their disposal to meet beautiful Latina beauties. Have you always been fascinated with your are, but just did not know if you would be able to get one of these beauties? Well, at Amolatina you will find everything you are looking for. is an established dating website which is headquartered in Maine. Thus, it is a real American company that operates both online and offline. As you can imagine, this is a huge deal when you are looking for a quality dating website, because it means that this company has a central headquarters that you can actually contact if you ever needed to do so. It appears that Amolatina is operated by the same company that runs Anastasia International, a prominent Russian dating company.

A really great thing about is the fact that it offers translation services, to make any language barrier issues a virtual non-issue. This is significant, because in order to get to know someone and fall in love with them you must be able to communicate effectively.

One of the things that I really love about is the thousands of real Latina women on the site. Many of these websites have fake profiles and things of that nature, but each woman at has actually gone through the registration process, and is looking for love. This means that you not only have thousands of women to choose from, but these women are looking for the same things that you are!

With that in mind I must tell you, like AnastasiaDate, Amolatina operates on a credit system. Although. you can join for free and browse photos, to make any contact with these ladies you will need to purchase credits. You will be charged credits to read any of the e-mails that ladies send to you and any replies you send. This can get costly so be selective. There have been accusations against Anastasia that the e-mails sent by ladies are not always what you think. WE would suggest reading this blog post regarding dating scams for tips on how to spot insincere women who are only out to take your money.

In addition to the 13,000 beautiful women that are members of, you have specific avenues that you can use in order to contact these beautiful women. For instance, some of the more common ways used by our male members to contact these Latina beauties are phone talk and live chat. Both of these services are available.

While live chat and phone talk are great, maybe you want to send your lady a gift. You can do this easily through The website offers a flowers and gifts delivery service that you can use, and this service will get your exact gift to the front doorstep of the woman of your dreams. Remember, ladies of all nationalities love gifts, so this is a great way to get your foot in the door and start an exotic romance.

So, let’s say that you have done all of these things, and now you want to take things to the next level. Well, at you can do just that with a romance tour. Amolatina offers several romance tours that you can take, which will take you to various Latin American countries where you can meet the
beautiful women you are interested in.

In fact, shortly is going to be offering a romance tour to Lima, Peru. Lima is a great city, and Peru is a wonderful country with thousands of stunning Latina women. If you take one of these tours then you will receive a great vacation, and also be able to spend all of your time meeting beautiful
women in the process.

Final Thoughts

So go ahead and get signed up with today. You can start with a free membership, and then from there you can expand and meet the woman of your dreams. Dreams really do come true, and is making it happen every day for thousands of men just like you.

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I think this site is a total scam. The girls are gorgeous, but have been brainwashed with the same is very dangerous to give information over the internet, so I can't give you my address etc. They also will do anything to distract you to keep you on chat, so I think they get paid for that some how. Also, almost instantly when you lot on to the site, they open a chat window. Who can sit around and look at a monitor all day and night to answer 'their love?' I think it is a call center! I have met a couple ladies who don't seem to fall into that category and they are from Costa Rica. They were willing to exchange postal mail which is allowed by the site..just most of them won't do it. It will cost you $2000 per month to chat to one lady one hour per night on video chat. Can share is $15 per MINUTE!!! The fees etc. are more than just criminal!!! $8 to send a letter and $8 to open a letter. You send them pages, they reply with a few sentences and don't answer any questions or divulge any info about themselves. Avoid it and save your money!!!

by rick johnson on
Beware of this website

I would not recommend this site for anyone. You will shell out hundreds of dollars and get no where. They tell the ladies that communication through personal E-mails and etc. is unsafe. Therefore trying to convince a lady to receive a call for translation services to obtain cheaper means of communication falls on deaf ears. You will end up frustrated and broke. These ladies have no clue in regards to economics except for maybe the Costa Ricans. I wouldn't trust a Colombian for anything. It has been my experience they are in this for the wrong reasons and your life end up a wreck. They have no common sense and it is like talking to a wall. Even after telling some I would like to travel to meet them they were still hesitant about giving out information. So then your choice is to spend thousands of dollars to meet these women with no specific contact information than a website chat room. I would not accuse them of fraud but this reluctance to not give out personal information makes me wonder "are these real women you are chatting with or paid anonymous people. Good luck in your search.

What are the ages of women that are on these tours? As someone in my mid twenties I don’t want to go and it be just old women.

I don't think you will be disappointed.


First – GO on a tour. The Tours are legit and you will NOT be disappointed if you have any reasonable expectations at all. I just got back from the Medellin Tour (March 2014) and it is now my opinion that there is only one reason any man would come back from a tour and think they wasted their money and that is because they are total douchebags lacking any personality whatsoever.

Second – DO NOT waste your time or money on the website. As other posters who actually went on the tour stated, you are most likely not communicating with the lady you think you are. As one stated, you can communicate with a woman on the site until your bank account runs dry and odds are highly in favor that when you meet her in person that she will admit to having never directly communicated with you at all. Most likely it was her “Agency Manager” doing the communicating on the lady’s behalf and if you are extremely lucky, that manager will keep the lady you think you are communicating with in the loop for each e-mail but more than likely what will happen is the manger will simply brief the lady, while on the way to the tour social, that there was communications between the lady (actually her agency manager) and you – or in other words, the lady gets the “Cliff’s Notes” only minutes before actually meeting you. When I discovered this I was so turned off that I could not keep talking to the lady even though it was not her fault at all and she was truly a very nice lady and exceptionally attractive.

There are more than a few reasons for this but chief amongst them is I suspect the local agency gets their income by getting a commission on the money brought in by the lady who is on the website that the agency represents. What feeds this is the fact that most of these ladies do not have the means to own a computer and have internet access themselves.

Next, in the reviews on this site that I read before posting my own review I noted that the reviewers that actually went on the tours had good things to say about their experience with the tour. Those that did not go on a tour are simply talking from a position of not having enough perspective. So read the ones from those that went on the tour and ignore the whiners that haven’t the means and/or sufficient desire to go on a tour. These international dating sites are no magic bullet to finding that lady you do not want to live without – relationships take work and commitment and too many who are posting negative reviews of this site are looking for the easy way out and did not go on a tour to round out their experience – ignore them. Oh, and no, I am not at all getting any compensation for posting this – and as you will read, not all of my comments reflect favorably on this web-site. Absolutely they are in it for the money, but there are real ladies behind this site that you will meet if you go on a tour.

The tour itself was fantastic. I had a total blast and while it was kind of expensive for what you got I still feel it was totally worth it. The socials I went to had a ratio in excess of 10 ladies for every guy and probably closer to 15 or 20 for every guy. There were some “dogs” there but the vast majority were at least very attractive and at least half were in the stunningly beautiful category in my opinion.

Since these are real people you can expect the typical range of real personalities/intent amongst the ladies. If you are looking to go and get bedded down for the night and then forget the lady about the time you step on the plane to leave there are ladies that will not disappoint your objectives. If you are looking for that special lady to stay with you to your dying day there are ladies for you there too – in fact most of them are anywhere from open to the idea all the way up to single mindedly focused on that result. But there are also ladies there who will land in the “Gold Digger – marry me and spend all your money on me and I will do whatever you want in exchange” category and those not quite that bad who just like to have a “rich American” spend money on them while the gent is in town to break up their otherwise fairly simple lives which for many of the ladies almost certainly would qualify as living well below what we Americans would consider the poverty level.

One guy in the tour I was on had been on several previous tours and had a different gorgeous lady on his arm for each meal and then on one night I observed he started the after dinner night out with one lady and halfway through the night I saw him load her into a cab and five minutes latter another even more stunning beauty showed up in another cab and stayed with him for the rest of the time I observed that evening.

Another guy on the tour met someone at the social on the first night and by the end of the second social, despite having met dozens of ladies more than willing to have him focus his energies on them, decided to stick with that one lady from the first night for the rest of his time in town. Can’t say I blame him because she seemed like a truly sincere, sweet, humble, unpretentious, and otherwise gorgeous lady.

I experienced much of the same things other posters on this site have experienced as far as the web-site goes. It is my impression, from talking to those involved with the tours (they are contracted by the parent company and not employed by the parent company) as well as talking to the ladies I have met, that the ladies themselves aren’t making any money by being on the site. Those ladies “belong” to individual local agencies and it is these local agencies and their employees that are perpetrating the activities that will consume your cash on sending/reading messages as well as the chats and in most cases the ladies themselves have, at best, a second hand knowledge of “their” communications with you and in other cases they have no knowledge at all because it is employees of the agencies they belong to that appear to have a “mill” of computers and employees trying to engage youevery hour of every day. In some instances it is actually the ladies themselves you are communicating with through an interpreter but that is, in my experience, more the rare exception rather than the rule.

Once you go on a tour through this site you will attend the social(s). While there, have pen and paper readily handy and write down every lady’s name, phone number, and e-mail that you are interested in or have the interpreter assigned to you acquire this information for you. Once you have that you do not need to pay the agency (this website) money to arrange a date because you can do that on your own.

If, while on a date with a lady, you decide she is not for you, tell her you have a friend that is looking to meet someone and as her for any suggestions. Most will happily help out their friends by referring them to you.

If you want to make the most of your time “on tour” do yourself a favor and arrange to have a cell phone, preferably a smart phone, with a number local to the tour city. By having a phone with an internet data plan you can use the phone not only for calls but for both text and data which means you can easily translate text messages back and forth by leveraging Google Translate or some other program. I bought a “disposable” phone with cellular and text only and then had to manually copy the texts over to my Nexus 7 (which had Google Translate installed with the downloaded ‘offline’ Spanish data installed) and manually transferring the texts back and forth was a pain. Of course better would be to learn Spanish if you don’t know it already.

IF you go on a tour there is no reason, after the first night’s social is over, you can’t have a different beauty at your side for each of the three meals of each day and then yet another lady for the evening. I saw several guys who I perceived as being very socially deficient (and I’m no suave sweet-talker myself) when it come to their self-image and confidence level have date after date during their stay. Several others decided to stay on for various numbers of days after the tour period was over and had dates lined up throughout the duration.

As an aside, the handful of people you meet who represent the tour/web site are not directly employed by the web site owners. They are contracted to act as tour reps. Of course they like the money they are getting paid to do the job so they are going to be diplomatic in how they share their feelings about what they know but even so the handful I met during my tour seemed very genuine and sincere and two of those I expect to maintain some degree of friendship with going forward.

Short of paying for a date through the website (which I believe is a $75 cost AFTER you have exchanged at least five messages with the lady which is a minimum of 100 ‘credit’) and then traveling to the lady’s home city and the costs associated with that to meet just that one lady the only way you are likely going to get personal contact information for any of the ladies on the website is by going on a tour and hoping that the lady will make herself available by either going to the socials or being willing to have a date arranged with you by the Agency while you are there.

You MIGHT be able to figure out some sort of code with the lady so you can exchange personal contact information but that is assuming the translator is accurate in translating your messages (good luck with that as some of the messages I got were so badly translated that they were effectively unreadable – I complained and was refunded my credits in those cases). But even if you are successful with this you will have spent a lot of credits getting to that point and that is also only in the rare cases where you are more or less directly communicating with the lady instead of her local manager/agency on her behalf (who is, I presume, in the business of making money from the site so they’ll not be inclined to willingly let you be able to exchange personal contact information).

Bottom line. I absolutely most definitely recommend that you GO on a tour but DO NOT spend a dime on messaging or chatting with anyone on the website because the return on that investment is virtually nil.

We appreciate your review and comments. May we also recommend A Foreign Affair for their romance tours. They are first class.

A Foreign Affair

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