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Like many online daters, you will find some websites that are better than others. For western men looking for mail order brides, is a cut above the rest. Why is this website popular among those hoping to bring home a bride from a foreign country? Here are some reasons…

– Hundreds of female members from various countries all over the world. You need not limit yourself to ten options when you have hundreds of different ladies expecting to receive mail from you soon. Admittedly, there are more ladies from Asia, Russia and the Latin Americas than other countries. But the variety of options is one of the main reasons why this site is popular.

– Sending winks is for free. The basic membership allows you to send winks for free. Winks are expressions of interest that you send a woman when you want to talk with her or if you feel like you want to ask her out. The “wink” on this website is the online equivalent of that. You get the girl’s attention and start a conversation.

– You don’t have to keep doing new searches every time. Save the details of your previous searches so that you can go back and run them again on a later date. For example, if you typed in a parameter on the search bar, like location or age range, you don’t have to do the same thing next time because there is a link to previous searches.

– One thing that this site offers are videos set up by the girls themselves. You can watch the video and listen to the girl talk about herself instead of reading blocks of texts.

– The tours option would allow you to meet hundreds of women simultaneously. If you’ve become interested in a particular location and the women therein, you can join a tour that allows you to go to that location and meet the women you’ve been chatting with. Most of the tours are in popular cities in Asia, Russia and Latin America.

– On the site, you can see women posting their birth dates. This is great for a variety of reasons. First, you can tell what her zodiac sign is just by knowing her birthday, and get a glimpse of her inner personality (according to astrological descriptions). You can also see which women have birthdays coming up so that you can greet these women ‘happy birthday’ instead of the usual ‘hello there’.

– Once you know which woman you want to date, you can start with courting her officially. Send flowers to your special girl via the site. To make things easier, the site offers a catalog of products she might like, and there are also suggestions from the dating experts on the site.

– Phone translation services are there to help you understand what your girl is saying. There are some women who know very little English. If her English skills are not as important as your growing interest in her, you can use a translator in your conversations to talk to her.

– The membership is completely free. You can set up your dating page profile nicely as a free member. The credits are on pay-as-you-go basis, so you don’t have to pay for monthly membership if no one on the site interests you. Credits go for as low as 1 credit for seven dollars.


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This website is a TOTAL scam. I have spent way to much money on it & have gotten NOTHING in return. I made the mistake of talking to several ladies at the same time, hoping that one of them might turn out to be the woman for me. After talking to them for 2 months & supposedly developing a relationship with them, they started telling me they were going to come see me at Christmas & New Years. Then right before the holidays they all made excuses why they couldnt come. They promised me they would come later but now I know they are all liars & phonies. I would get 100 letters a day, even from women I had not requested letters from. I called “Joe” the jerk that runs the website & he gave me some bullshit excuse why he couldnt do anything about it. He also ADMITTED to me that the letters are not sent by the ladies themselves, but by staff members! Also, I would get the exact same letter 3,4 & 5 times from the same lady in the same day! I would also get letters that had the exact same title from more than one lady, so these guys would take one letter & send it from thousands of different “ladies” even though they had no idea what it said! Please dont do what I did & waste money on this website. It is a total fraud & I hope someone sees this review before they spend one dime there. I lost a lot of money for nothing, please dont be a fool like I was.

Hi Dave,

Sorry you had a bad experience with this site and I am publishing your review. For the most part, it is a bad idea to respond to any of the e-mail you may receive unsolicited on these sites. The best approach is to contact some of the newer ladies that are listed. There are ladies who are trully looking for a man like you but you have to remember, there are also women who would like to separate your from your money. Review
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